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Concept taken by Finchinator's post in OU, this thread is meant to be a resource to newer players unfamiliar with the most common Terastallization ("Tera") types of Pokemon relevant in the NU metagame. Please note that in any given matchup or situation, any Tera type can end up being the perfect one for the job; this list is just meant to represent the most common* Tera types in the tier. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to PM me on here, Discord, or PS!. Bolded types are ones that are significantly more common than the others. If there are no bolded types, that suggests a relatively even spread of usage between all listed.

:appletun: Appletun- Steel, Poison, Fairy
:basculin: Basculin- Water, Rock, Normal
:bombirdier: Bombirdier- Dark, Ghost, Ground, Fairy
:braviary: Braviary- Flying, Fighting, Normal, Ground, Steel
:bruxish: Bruxish- Water, Psychic, Dark, Fighting, Fairy, Poison
:cacturne: Cacturne- Dark, Fairy, Fighting, Ghost
:chansey: Chansey- Fairy, Ghost, Poison, Steel
:charizard: Charizard- Flying, Grass, Ground
:clawitzer: Clawitzer- Dragon, Water, Dark
:crabominable: Crabominable- Fairy, Water
:crocalor: Crocalor- Water, Fairy, Poison, Grass, Dark
:dachsbun: Dachsbun- Steel, Fighting, Dark, Poison
:drifblim: Drifblim- Fairy, Ground, Water, Fighting, Electric
:dudunsparce: Dudunsparce- Ghost, Poison, Fairy, Normal
:eelektross: Eelektross- Steel, Fighting, Fairy
:farigiraf: Farigiraf- Fairy, Fighting, Electric, Fire
:haunter: Haunter- Ghost, Fighting, Fairy, Steel
:honchkrow: Honchkrow- Dark, Flying, Fighting
:indeedee-f: Indeedee-F- Fairy, Fighting, Psychic
:jolteon: Jolteon- Ice, Water, Grass, Ghost
:klawf: Klawf- Ghost, Fairy, Grass, Water, Ground
:komala: Komala- Ghost
:lurantis: Lurantis- Fire, Ground, Fighting, Rock, Fairy
:mabosstiff: Mabosstiff- Dark, Fairy, Normal
:magneton: Magneton- Ground, Water, Grass
:masquerain: Masquerain- Ghost, Ground
:medicham: Medicham- Fighting, Fairy, Steel
:muk: Muk- Water, Flying, Grass, Ghost
:oricorio: Oricorio- Grass, Ground
:perrserker: Perrserker- Fighting, Ghost, Grass
:pyroar: Pyroar- Fire, Normal, Grass
:qwilfish: Qwilfish- Ghost, Ground
:rotom: Rotom- Electric, Ghost, Fairy, Steel
:rotom-frost: Rotom-Frost- Electric, Steel, Ground
:sandaconda: Sandaconda- Water, Grass, Dragon, Ghost
:scyther: Scyther Fighting, Normal, Grass, Flying
:spidops: Spidops- Ghost, Bug
:spiritomb: Spiritomb- Fairy, Ghost, Dark
:tauros-paldea-combat: Tauros-Paldea- Fighting, Rock, Electric, Fairy, Grass, Water, Dark
:toxicroak: Toxicroak- Dark, Fighting, Grass
:umbreon: Umbreon- Fairy, Ghost, Poison
:ursaring: Ursaring- Fairy, Dark, Ghost
:vaporeon: Vaporeon- Dark, Fairy
:vivillon: Vivillon- Ground, Fire, Flying
:veluza: Veluza- Fairy, Fighting, Dark, Grass, Electric
:vespiquen: Vespiquen- Ghost, Ground, Poison, Fairy, Water
:whiscash: Whiscash- Ghost, Grass, Electric, Dragon
:zangoose: Zangoose- Normal, Ghost, Fighting
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Update log:

4/6- Removed Abomasnow, Copperajah, Frosmoth, and Whiscash. Added Barraskewda, Charizard, Floatzel, and Florges. Added Pokemon ranked B or higher that are not NU by usage as of April.
4/12- Removed Barraskewda.
4/16- Removed Florges.
5/3- Added Whiscash, removed Floatzel.
6/1- Added Komala, removed Lycanroc, Passimian, and Zoroark.
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